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3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
Rules & Regulations


  • Players must be at least 15 years old to participate

  • There will be no separate divisions for gender or age

  • Players may only play on 1 team

  • Team Roster is a minimum of 3 players;  maximum is 5 players per team


  • Play begins at 8:00 AM

  • Games will be 15 minutes

  • There will be two rounds

    • Pool Play - Play against teams within your randomly drawn pool, results of pool play determine your tournament positioning

    • Single Elimination Tournament - If you win you advance, lose and you are done

  • Each team will be guaranteed 4 games (3 pool, 1 tournament)

  • You will play every team in your division during pool play. Seeding for the elimination round will be determined World Cup Style.

    • A win gets 2 points. A tie gets you 1 point. A loss is 0 points. The winner of each division will receive the top 7 seeds. Remaining seeds or tie breakers will be determined by total amount of points scored. 

  • Additionally, we will be hosting a few kids games from 12pm - 1pm


  • 1st Possession: 1 player from each team will shoot from behind the 3 point arc to determine first possession.  

  • 1 point will be awarded for each basket scored within the 3 point line, and 2 points will be awarded for a shot from behind the 3 point arc

  • The games will be first to 12 points, and win by 2

  • During the elimination round, the games are win by 2

  • Players have no individual foul limit, but if there are 3 fouls on 1 single possession, other team will be awarded 1 point

  • The Championship game will be played to 21 points


  • After each change of possession, the ball must be taken back behind the 3 point arc before a shot can be attempted.  If a team scores a basket without taking the ball back, the basket will be disallowed but the offending team will retain possession

  • After a basket, out- of- bounds, violation, or foul, the offense must “check” the ball with their opponent before play resumes and the ball must be passed in to start play

  • Players must call their own fouls and violations as necessary to keep the game under control.

  • All jump balls will be awarded to the defense

  • Substitutions may be made any time play is stopped.  Please do not sub excessively or use it as a stalling tactic.

  • Any participant may be removed for excessive contact, or causing physical altercations

  • If a team is not at the court at gametime,  it is an automatic forfeit

  • If a dispute cannot be settled (Disagreement on foul, or any possession argument) , the “Ball Never Lies” Rule will go in to affect.  One of the parties involved in the dispute will take a shot from the free throw line to decide who gets ball


  • There is NO cost to watch the tournament!

  • All players must wear non-marking athletic- type shoes. No black soles or street-worn shoes. (i.e., dirty-soled shoes, bare feet, socks, flip-flops, street shoes, slippers, crocs, boots, sandals, etc.).

  • No alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs permitted on School of the Osage Campus. Spectators and participants found in violation will be removed from the event.

  • All open wounds should be bandaged; if blood is detected during a game, a substitution must take place. First aid kit is available on location.

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