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It's nearly impossible to sum up someone's life story in a few short paragraphs, but simply put, Dasan McNerney (D MAC) was a natural born leader.  He was driven to accomplish all of his goals and dreams, and worked hard everyday to make them a reality.

Dasan always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit - just like his dad, grandpa, and uncle.  He followed their footsteps into the insurance business, hit the ground running, and never looked back. He had a vision to take his business nationwide and pioneered the opening of new offices across the country.  He recruited and mentored countless people to work alongside of him.  He saw potential in everybody he met!

He was a GREAT salesman.  Dasan dedicated his life to learning all of the in's and out's of the medicare insurance industry, as well as teaching the art of selling.  He consistently finished as a top salesman, and was eventually promoted to an executive sales director. He lived by Zig Ziglar's quote, "You will have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

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In 2009, Dasan was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and often struggled with the symptoms that accompany the painful disorder. 

Crohn's is a debilitating condition that affects millions around the world, causing severe inflammation and pain in the digestive tract, among many other symptoms. Currently, there is no cure. On top of that, the treatment options are inconvenient, uncomfortable, expensive, have terrible side effects, and often don't work.

From the time he was diagnosed, Dasan tried countless methods in order to manage his symptoms.   He spent far more time than anyone ever should confined in a hospital (and was still finding ways to be productive and accomplish his goals).  He was on and off steroids, and tried various IV treatments, and nothing would work consistently.  This ultimately led him to experimenting with prescription drugs.


Dasan passed away on January 27, 2023.  In 33 years, he accomplished so much and left an impact on so many people.  Our hope with this foundation is that his legacy never dies.  That we can continue to aid and mentor people in need, just as he did.

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Dasan loved all things basketball.  Growing up, he spent the bulk of his time either playing in the driveway, or finding any gym he could to go shoot around.  He was always the one getting all of his buddies together to play pick-up games.  When he wasn't doing that, chances are he was playing NBA Hangtime with his brother.  A lot of good memories with Dasan happened on the basketball court. Hence, a 3 on 3 tournament being one of our featured events!


Dasan had a style that was uniquely his own.  It was admired by many, but impossible to replicate.  On most days you could catch Dasan wearing slides paired with some crazy socks, rolled up jeans, sunglasses, and a headband.  He also loved his bracelets.  It wasn't uncommon for him to be wearing 10-15 bracelets on a single arm! Hence, using a bracelet as our logo!

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